Django lab

Here's my Django laboratory; I use it for tests, fun (1) and source of material for my Python / Django course.

Several projects are available on github under GPL license; others are patiently waiting to be reviewed and adapted to the latest framework version.

(1) I know, it's a little bit weird...

Expense Tracker

ExpenseTracker tracks expenses and extracts some statistics.

It is a starting point for the course: some pages are deliberately simple while others are slightly more sophisticated; for the expenses list, I have used a Twitter style "infinite scroll", as an example of Ajax.

I have also used Bootstrap and AngularJS.

Kiss PM

KissPM is a mini project manager: Kiss, in this case, is not the band, but the acronym for "Keep It Simple, Stupid!".

Currently it is little more than a prototype; here's some features:

  • Milestone, user story and task project management.
  • Graphic display of the project status (e.g. task board and burn down, see screenshot).
  • Time tracking: initial estimated time, effective and remaining time.
  • Cost management (global, per user, user story and tasks).
  • Multi-user and multi-project

The task board on the first screen is a single-page application from which many of the main operations can be performed.

Kiss Todo

A minimal todo manager in which most features are deliberately missing; the features are as follows:

  • Lists, priorities, repeated events and e-mail notifications.
  • Runs on Google App Engine or Apache.
  • Multi-user.
  • Offline mode - read-only.
  • No settings or preferences: you get it as it is. :-)
  • A keyboard shortcut for everything.

Midi Notebook - bonus

It's not a Django app, but I decided to include it in my lab.
It is a prototypal MIDI monitor, looper, and recorder written in Python. Inspired by Boomerang Looper pedals for guitarists - except that you don't need a MIDI pedal.

More info and source code on github.